Welcome to ACE Soccer Club!  

  • ACE Soccer Club was founded in Racine, WI. April 2009 by Oscar Toscano.  The Club has grown to be one of the top clubs in the Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee and Madison areas.  ACE stands for (A)thletic (C)oaching (E)xcellence and is acheived due to the dedication, coaching philosophies and education of our staff. Our directors together have over 30 years of coaching experience at both youth and adult levels. 
  • ACE has 4 different locations—Racine, Kenosha, Milwaukee and Madison. Oscar Toscano is the President and Head Director of the entire ACE Soccer Club, and also Director of the Racine/Kenosha areas.  Juan Toscano is the Director of Coaching and Program Director in the Milwaukee area.  Marcus Weesner is the Director of Coaching and Program Director in the Madison area.
  • ACE also runs an Academy Program as part of it’s outreach work to children in underserved communities. The Academy Programs are located in the Racine area, Journey House in Milwaukee and also in the Eastside of Madison. In Racine, practices are held at Franksville Park, with games on Saturdays in a local recreational league. In Milwaukee, practice occurs at Journey House and games are played on Saturdays at Milwaukee Division High School.  In Madison practices are held at Door Creek Park with games on Saturday/Sunday at McKee Farms Park in Fitchburg.  For more information on ACE Academy Programs please look under each club tab to find the Academy Program page.




Player development is the top priority of this Soccer Club. Our dedicated and experienced coaching staff will ensure that all players will be nurtured in their progression in this beautiful sport.

"Our club will work hard to achieve technical and tactical excellence on our field.
This is achieved by providing an environment that is disciplined, competitive, challenging and fun."  

"We promise and pledge that all players will be nurtured in their progression and development in this beautiful sport.  In order for our club to grow and be successful, we need committed players and parents who truly believe in the philosophy and the direction of our club.

Oscar Toscano
ACE Soccer Club



A strict curriculum is used in training to improve individual skill level. The teams and players receive direct feedback and evaluations from certified coaches who are committed to the philosophies of the club.

Players are evaluated over the course of the season monitoring improvments and allowing for more focused training in areas whichh need to be improved. ACE Soccer Club believes that a successful program is built with committed players and parents who truly believe in the philosophy and direction of the club.

Desire, Dedication, Discipline and Diversity are the foundation of this club.

Players are expected to practice and play at very high levels.




ACE History

Founded in Racine, WI. in 2009 by Oscar Toscano ACE Soccer Club started with only 4 teams.  Through the desire, dedication, discipline and diversity of not only the players but coaching staff ACE has grown its teams in Racine but quickly spread to the Kenosha, Milwaukee and Madison areas of Wisconsin. With well over 20 teams ACE is not only getting recognition in the State of Wisconsin but has also gained the attention in States around the Nation due to the clubs desire to seek out the best competition no matter the age of the team.  Traveling to compete in Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota and Texas not only gives the players the experience of playing teams with different styles of play it also displays the amount of commitment and dedication from our coaches and families.  

Members of ACE Soccer Club, Kenosha, WI. find some relief in the form                                                                                            of water before heading into National Sports Center stadium.

     “It all begins with a culture of passion and commitment.” Oscar Toscano