MARCUS WEESNER Programs Director - Fitchburg, WI.
Marcus at the age of 12 was invited to play for the Junior Irish Soccer Club a premier travel team in South Bend, IN due to high cost of the program Marcus was not able to join the team but used this experience to fuel his passion to provide quality soccer instruction to players of all economic backgrounds.

Moving to Wisconsin in 2012 he started coaching at the youth club level and quickly obtained the position of Director of Coaching for Stoughton Area Youth Soccer Association (SAYSA) during which he was head coach of 2 teams both finishing at the top of their divisions in the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association league, or MAYSA. He then became the Director Of Coaching of ACE in Madison in 2015 and has progressed to develop the Fitchburg community in soccer through a partnership with Fitchburg Recreation and Leopold Elementary School obtaining the title of Programs Director for Fitchburg. He is currently working to build a Futsal program at Samuel Gompers Elementary School in Madison, WI. as well.

He currently holds the following licensing and diplomas:

• USSF National E License
• Wisconsin State E License (WYSA)
• Wisconsin State D License (WYSA)
• Goal Keeping Academy Level 1 and 2 Diplomas (NSCAA)
• High School Diploma (NSCAA)
• Futsal Level 1 Diploma (NSCAA)
• Attacking Principles of Play Diploma (NSCAA)
• Foundations of Coaching Diploma (NSCAA)
DAMIAN QUINTANA Spanish Communication Lead
Damian started playing soccer at the age of 6 in Santa Rosa, Mexico. He progress to play at the varsity High School level where his team won the conference title. He continued to play in the Hispanic leagues in Madison, WI. when he and his family moved to the United States in the fall of 1999.

He started coaching when his son Eduardo at the age of 9 for the Regent Soccer Club and continued to coach his son over the past 7 years. He recently started to coach for ACE in the fall of 2018.

He currently holds the following licensing:

• Wisconsin State Level E License (WYSA)